FAWFP Benefits

The Food and Allied Workers' Funeral Plan provides three major categories of benefits to policy holders. There are Member only benefits, Family Benefits and Extended family benefits. The Benefit Structure for each of these categories are listed in the tables below.

Full Member Benefits*

Family Member Option A Option B Option C Paid Up Benefit
Type of paid up Death Death Death & Disability -
Principal Member R20,000 R20,000 R30,000 R10,000
Spouse R20,000 R20,000 R30,000 R10,000
Children 14 - 21years* R20,000 R20,000 R25,000 R10,000
Children 6 - 13 years* R5,000 R5,000 R5,000 R5,000
Children 1 - 5 years* R2,500 R2,500 R3,000 R2,500
Children 0 - 11months R1,250 R1,250 R3,000 R1,250
Stillborn R1,250 R1,250 R3,000 R1,250
Family Rate per month R45.75 R67.30 R85.30 -


Extended Family Member Option A Option B Option C
Benefit >> R5,000 R10,000 R20,000
Rate below 65 R25.00 R41.25 R82.50
Rate at Age 64 - 74 R56.25 R105.00 R168.00
Rate at Age 75 - 84 R62.50 R130.00 R240.00



Babereki and its Key Individual Phumlani Mbatha is governed and operates as per the requirements of the FAIS Act, which also gave rise to the industry regulatory body Financial Services Board which issues all the licenses to financial services providers including Babereki and its key individual.
Babereki FSP no. 42305

Fidelity Cover

Babereki does not hold or receipt members premiums and therefore doesn’t require the fidelity cover. However the underwriter (Safrican) which collects the members’ premiums is obliged to have the fidelity cover as they are the risk underwriters.


Babereki is paid 13.75% commission by Safrican for placing members with the underwriter (Safrican).

*A few items to take note of

  • Maximum entry age for Extended Family is 84 years.
  • A maximum of 10 (ten) Extended Family may be covered.
  • Rate applicable per Extended Family Member per month.
  • There is a 6 (six) month waiting period for claims due to natural causes.
  • 6 months waiting period waived if ALL members join at any respective company.

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